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actix-web automatically upgrades connections to HTTP/2 if possible.


HTTP/2 protocol over TLS without prior knowledge requires TLS ALPN.

Currently, only rust-openssl has support.

alpn negotiation requires enabling the feature. When enabled, HttpServer provides the bind_openssl method.

actix-web = { version = "{{< actix-version "actix-web" >}}", features = ["openssl"] }
openssl = { version = "0.10", features = ["v110"] }

{{< include-example example=”http2” file=”main.rs” section=”main” >}}

Upgrades to HTTP/2.0 schema described in rfc section 3.2 is not supported. Starting HTTP/2 with prior knowledge is supported for both clear text connection and tls connection. rfc section 3.4.

Check out examples/tls for a concrete example.